Witnessed almost everywhere, from wedding to action movies, the most appreciated novelty of the decade, drones are just little flying robots that are of constant use. Mostly we acknowledge drones for filming and photography and experts may recognize spark, the Best Selfie Drone, but besides this, the list of uses of drones goes endless. The most astounding uses of a drone are mentioned here:-

  • Surveillance of suspicious targets and things
  • Gathering confidential information
  • Tracing location and whereabouts of missing or wanted
  • Launching laser/Hellfire missiles(highly ethical)
  • Speed and accuracy in the field
  • Weather analysis
  • Searching and rescue operations
  • Encrypted message delivery
  • Ethically hacking into network lines
  • Keep eyes over traffic and crowd
  • In filmmaking and broadcasting
  • By professional photographers

Why Is A Drone Considered As A Miraculous Invention?

The data and information gathered with the help of the drone are redirected to the respective satellites, which transform it back to the authorities. Its small size and intentional camouflage look that helps it remain gullible. As seen in the movie URI, they build the shape of the drone as of a pigeon, which supported the military to get the location of the terrorist group.

In brief, as a coin has two sides, scientific creation can be both a boon and a bane. It all depends on the hands controlling the remote. It means as long the list of fair uses goes; the weight of responsibility for one’s shoulder gets heavier, towards his surroundings and other beings.